All songs © 2008 by Jayme Kelly Curtis
PurrGirl Music Publishing/ASCAP

All Rights Reserved
1) Until it Teaches Me (4:20) – An intense portrait of sexual attraction. A spooky rock and roll ballad with a variable time signature.
2) Tunisia (4:19) – A traveler inspires fear among her provincial neighbors. Serpentine, Middle Eastern sounding rhythm and drone.
3) Way Station in Purgatory (3:15) – A mid-tempo postcard from an exotic shore. A wish for passion in a lilting, Samba-like rhythm.
4) What Would Jed Do? (3:45)– A whimsical, medium tempo tribute to television sitcoms.
5) Fly Me to the Islands (4:56) – A dreamy wish to fly away to the stress-free life of a later-day Robinson Crusoe. Featuring guitar, ukulele and
 Hawaiian lap steel.
6) Sleeping With Cats (2:18) – Instrumental. Acoustic and electric guitar evoke the Santos and Johnny classic “Sleepwalk.”
7) The English Girl (4:00) – Violin and baritone guitar form a slow waltz to tell the tale of a war bride’s journey from innocence to the mean streets of the city. A sad illustration of how the effects of war reach far beyond the battlefield.
8) The Cycle (4:49) – A spare arrangement of guitar, cello and English horn plunge the listener into a deeply contemplative expression of familial regret
9) Losing Lovers to Barleycorn (3:46) – Evocative of an old time Appalachian tune a la Gillian Welch, with a modern twist. Guitar, Dobro®, mandolin and tasteful percussion tell the tale of alcoholism’s insidious journey through a family.
10) Many Seasons Ago (4:46) – Mystical rock and roll in the tradition of Spirit and early Fleetwood Mac. A flower child looks back at the passionate days of the summer of love, with full trap set drumming and electric guitar. I used to be so wild ...
11) The One They Call Mr. President (3:17) – A bluesy protest song with acoustic guitars and tenor sax. A politician ain’t no better than a really bad boyfriend.
12) Start of the 21st Century (3:07) – A chirpy, up tempo look at the state of the world. Straight up, singer/songwriter fare with guitar, violin and vocals.
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