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All Songs © 1999 Jayme Kelly Curtis/PurrGirl Music Publishing ASCAP 

All Rights Reserved

Documentary  Earnest pop vocals backed with guitar and lush piano by Walter Bankovitch and Pachabel-inspired violin by Tony Marcus; the past is viewed with neither love nor hate, it simply is. 
Alchemy  A road song about personal growth and transformation, with soul-searing "flamenco" guitar by Rolly Brown, 1980 winner of the Winfield National Fingerpicking Championship
Lifeline  Sassy, bad-girl ragtime touching on security and sexual politics with a strong downbeat and honkytonk piano by Walter Bankovitch
Big City  Mournful, lonesome blues ballad with sparse fingerstyle accompaniment and bass by Preston Carter
Lanternland  Salsa-inspired story/folk, with stellar guitar work by Bill Horvitz and bassist Preston Carter. In his 16th century satire Francois Rabelais speaks of the Island of Lanterns where literary charlatans waste time displayingtheir wonderful learning and pretending true knowledge
Sideshow  The excesses of youth are celebrated in this folk rock tongue-in-cheek story song featuring folk accordion by Barbara Ann Barnett, Preston Carter on bass and circus percussion by Jimmy Biala. Jack-a-lopes included, no charge
Searchlight   Critical people come under fire in this uptempo pop song with multi-textured "Wall of Sound" harmonies Myron Dove's awesome bass and a searing violin solo by Tony Marcus
Locked Out   An indictment of those who reject the validity of music that lives outside the scope of their own narrow preference. A mover with smoking electric guitar by rock veteran Dave Meniketti of the legendary Bay Area rock bandY&T
Magic Colorado   Nostalgic, lyrical country/folk song about a youthful relationship left behind; features Midyne Spear on Celtic Harp, Lisa Burns on bass and Bruce Argyle on lead guitar
Years May Go By   "I am a bridge between earth and sky." We find peace only when we recognize our place in the continuum.  An exultation of open chords with lush piano by Walter Bankovitch and caressing vocals
The Shape of Your Heart   Affirmation of a happy love relationship; quiet, sure guitar with interesting ornamental bass line by Myron Dove and piano counterpoint by Walter Bankovitch
Circle of Joy  Positive affirmations framed by soul-informed country gospel and joyful soaring harmonies; Celtic Harp by Midyne Spear, bass by Lisa Burns, and beautiful lead guitar by Bruce Argyle
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©Jayme Kelly Curtis 2013