All songs © 2004 by Jayme Kelly Curtis
PurrGirl Music Publishing/ASCAP

All Rights Reserved
PART ONE — The Journey Begins With A Psychedelic Attitude:

1) Past Lives (5:07) This spooky love song branches from acoustic roots to a modern rock groove on the choruses. What is the result of acting on our fantasies?
2) Running Start (3:47) A searing dialogue of mandolin (Radim Zenkl) and violin (Autumn Hancock) frames themes of emotional loss and recovery, flanked by driving rock drums. A song about finding ourselves after many false starts.
3) Sugar & Sand (3:47) Snippets from George W. Bush, hip hop drums by Rick Walker and Autumn's expressive violin punctuate this anti-war ballad with a rapping portrait of modern media culpability.
PART TWO — Jayme Loves The Blues:

4) Blues with the Boys (3:53) A flirtatious country blues with National Steel Guitar by Jeff "Felonius Smith" and Mark "Fenny" Fenichel on Harmonica.
5) The Earthquake (That Was You) (3:30) A classic Chicago-style blues of love gone bad with honky tonk piano and ripping electric guitar by shred master Dave Meniketti.
6) When I Was Still A Girl (3:50) Carol McComb's sweet Dobro® weaves around Jayme’s finger picked guitar in this nostalgic, folksy blues.
7) Do The Dishes, Too (2:34) A good-natured poke at the battle of the sexes featuring Walter Bankovitch's stride piano.
PART THREE — A Seamless Segue Into Folkloric Jazz Ballads:

8) Into The Night (3:00) Trumpet provides an unusual counterpoint to acoustic guitar in this lyrical ode to the velvet night.
9) Shore of Wakefulness (4:07) Middle Eastern rhythms and multi-layered flugelhorns pay homage to the muse of poetry and music. What is this voice that calls us from our beds?
10) Pretty Eye (3:51) A mystical song of eternal love highlighted by Radim Zenkl’s outstanding mandolin, Didgeridoo and low Celtic whistle. Love wholly, but with appropriate boundaries.
11) Tall Poppies (4:58) Self-doubt, jealousy, and the intentions of God are explored with lush piano, violin and soaring harmonies.
12) From A Simple Joy (2:53) A sweet denouement of ukulele, violin and soaring vocals in a song of love found at last.
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